Exploitation is a huge problem in the fashion world and an issue which we are keen to highlight, increase awareness in and help stamp out. Exploitation takes many forms and can involve violence and abuse, forced overtime, cramped and unhygienic surroundings, bad food, as well as pay that is less than the cost of living. As prices are being driven ever lower on the high street, less and less of that money is being paid to the people who actually make the clothes.

Fast fashion has engendered a race to the bottom, pushing companies to find ever-cheaper sources of labour and children are increasingly being viewed as a solution. Children are seen as obedient workers who slip under the radar, making them freely available and easy to manage in many of the countries where textile and garment production takes place.

Employers get away with it because the fashion supply chain is hugely complex and it is hard for companies to control every stage of production. That makes it possible to exploit workers and employ children without big brands and consumers ever finding out.

We will never produce our clothes using child labour or exploitation and actively fight against it.