Slow Fashion

The only constant in the fashion world is change.

Waste volumes from the fashion sector have always been high but they are now being pushed even higher with the advent of ‘fast fashion’. On average, UK consumers send 55kg of clothing and textiles per person to landfill each year. Contributing to the 3.25 million tonnes of clothing and textiles flow through the UK each year.

Customer demand for so called ‘fast fashion’, where stores change the designs on show every few weeks, has led to some retailers designing for as many as 15 seasons per year rather than the traditional two.

Fast-fashion quite often tends to be of lower quality, intended to only to be worn one season then discarded.

We believe there is a better way. We believe in ‘Slow Fashion’. Slow Fashion is not about trends that come and go in a matter of weeks, but a fashion movement rooted in sustainability that is gaining momentum.

Bo Carter produces only two collections per year and we make sure each collection is researched, designed, sampled and produced in as ethical a manner a possible. Our clothes are designed to last and be worn many seasons without following weekly trends from glossy magazines. For us fashion is more than clothing, it’s about creating garments you’ll cherish for years to come in a responsible manner.